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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NEW Room for the NEW Year furniture Store Promotional Idea

Want to kick off the New Year with great sales…and keep sales steadily coming in for the rest of 2011? This New Year’s-themed promotion just might help you do that.

It’s called the NEW Room for the NEW Year Program

Basically, customers that buy in the beginning of the year – January and February – lock in a special discount to complete the rest of their room during 2011. Plus, they receive added perks throughout the year, such as bonus discounts.

This program can work great for your furniture store for several reasons:

1) It incentivizes customers to stop procrastinating on redoing their room and get started right now.
2) The locked in discount almost guarantees that they will complete the room through your company, instead of taking your ideas and buying elsewhere.
3) Your design consultants can count on a steadier stream of sales from the customers who participate in the program.
4) It incentivizes customers to actually complete the room by the end of the year so they don’t lose the special pricing.
5) The customers who participate are more likely to have a completed room that they’re proud ofleading to more repeat business and referrals.

Here is how it works:

Customers who are considering redoing their room can receive a complimentary room analysis in the store. They can bring in pictures, rug, paint & wallpaper samples, etc. They then work with a design consultant to create a plan for the space. An in-home visit may or may not be necessary. If it is, it would be up to your store if there is an extra charge for that service.

If they make at least one purchase of over $500 for that room during January & February, they receive a special discount (say 20%, but you may choose to go higher or lower depending on your mark-up). They can buy as much or as little as they want initially at that discount.

By making this initial purchase, they also lock in that discount for purchasing the rest of the items needed to complete that room any time in 2011. So, whenever they’re ready to add the next phase in 2011, they’ll always receive that discount.

Plus, each month starting in March, a different furniture category will be featured in this program at an extra discount (say an extra 5% off on top of their locked-in program discount). For example, in March, you might feature occasional tables at an extra 5% off - on top of their locked in discount rate - for program participants.

Each month, the participants will get an email letting them know which category is an extra 5% off. It should also prompt them to call their Design Consultant to schedule an appointment if they’re ready to take the next step in achieving their beautiful, new room. Your promotional schedule may look something like this:

March = Occasional tables
April = Sofa/Sectional
May = Chairs & Ottomans
June = Entertainment Centers
July = Bookcase/Shelving/Etageres
August = Dining Tables/Hutches/Buffet
September = Rugs
October = Bar Stools
November = Lamps
December = Finishing Touches/Accessories

As an added bonus, one lucky participant each month will win a BIG DISCOUNT coupon for the month’s featured category. The discount might be a dollar amount, like $100 off, or a discount, such as 50% - 60% off. So, you’re not necessarily losing money by selling to one person at that discount. For example, in March, the name of one program participant would be drawn to win a 50% off coupon for occasional tables. The opportunity to win this coupon is definitely an incentive to make that initial purchase in the beginning of the year and join the program.

You can add other VIP perks that are appropriate for your store, like attending special store events at no charge, etc.

You can quickly implement this program via an email to your client base and/or a well-designed in-store flyer that is handed to each customer during January & February.

Here is some suggested copy for the email/flyer/advertising method of your choice:

Would you like a NEW room for the NEW Year?

If you’re ready to get started on making your home more comfortable, more beautiful, and more you, then we can help you get started…and finished… with our superior design staff, unlimited design options and locked in year-long discounts when you take advantage of our NEW Room for the NEW Year Program. Plus, you’ll receive lots of fun perks along the way. Here’s how easy it is:

Schedule a FREE in-store consultation for your room with one of our designers. Bring in measurements, samples (carpet, wallpaper, paint, etc.), pictures of your space, or anything you can think of that we’ll need to design around.

Your designer will work with your style & design preferences to develop a room plan that you love.

If you purchase over $500 from that plan before February 28, 2011, you’ll be automatically enrolled in our New Room for a New Year Program.

Here are the perks you’ll receive by joining this beneficial program:

A (20%) discount on your initial purchase. And, you’ll lock in that discount rate for the ENTIRE YEAR. So, when you’re ready to add more pieces, your discount will always be there waiting for you. (Of course, if our regular store promotion happens to exceed this discount, you will always receive the promotion that saves you the most money.)

Plus, each month, we’ll feature a different product category that will be discounted even further for our program participants only. If you choose to buy a piece from the featured furniture category, you’ll get an extra 5% off ON TOP OF your guaranteed 20% off! We’ll notify you of the monthly feature via an email each month.

And, as an added bonus, one lucky participant will be randomly drawn each month to receive the BIG BONUS COUPON for that month’s featured category – a 50% off certificate!

Wouldn’t that be wonderful to save 50% on the pieces you need to finish your room, like your area rug, bookcases, or even upholstered pieces? This kind of buying opportunity does not come along often. In fact, we’ve never done it before now!

You’ll also get other fun perks throughout the year, like VIP status for all our store events, a one-hour complimentary in-home consultation on any other room in your home, and more!

Need more info or interested in getting started, just notify your design consultant or the Store Manager.

It looks like 2011 will be a beautiful year!

Want to discuss how to implement this promotion in your store, email me at to schedule a free ½-hour consultation.

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