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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tips for Interior Design Professionals: Providing the Agenda for a Total Room Plan Presentation

Before starting the actual presentation, provide your client with an agenda so they know what to expect. Otherwise, they may be thinking this is going to be a quick ½-hour thing and they’ll start to lose interest in the middle of it. An agenda can also prevent the client from “jumping around” and asking questions about things that will be covered later on in the presentation.


“Let me tell you what I have planned for us. I know you’re probably excited to see your new room. However, I’ve found that it’s best if I reveal it in phases. This will give you the ability to focus on one design element at a time and make small decisions along the way – instead of getting lots of things thrown at you at once."

"We will be “building” the room as we move through the presentation."

"The total room presentation will take about 1 ½ to 2 hrs."

"First I’ll show you the proposed floor plan.
I’ll explain why I placed certain furniture pieces in certain areas. These decisions will be based on how you plan on using the room as well as principles of good design."

"Once we’ve decided on the floor plan, I’ll show you the actual furniture pieces I’ve selected based on your comfort and design preferences. Some of the pieces I actually have in the store and we’ll sit on those to try them out. For others I have pictures. For those pieces, I’ll show you something in the showroom that will sit comparably."

"After you are comfortable with the actual upholstered furniture pieces, I’ll present the fabrics and/or leathers that will go on the pieces."

"Next we’ll go over the “occasional pieces” like tables and other wood items that will make the room more beautiful and functional for you."

"I’ll finish by discussing the accessorizing phase that usually happens on or after delivery to put the finishing touches on the room."

"At any time during the presentation, if you’ve got thoughts, concerns, objections, or comments, please let me know right away. This is your room and I want you to be happy with the final product."

"If I think one of the design choices will make more sense to you after more of the presentation is revealed, I may ask you to hold your final judgment until a little later. I promise we will revisit those concerns."

"At the end, I’ll let you know the room total including everything – all furniture pieces, fabric protection & delivery. However, you are always in control of how much you buy and when. Some of my clients do everything at once to get the room finished as soon as possible and some people choose to do it in phases as time & budget allows."

"Do you have any questions before we get started?"

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